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event-icon Personal Excellence Programme

How to make an impact in any environment

event date June 19, 2024 event timing 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm
Virtual Members: FREE Non-Members: £10

Event overview

Join us for an essential session on mastering effective communication skills led by industry expert Ras Gohil. Discover the significance of articulating thoughts and ideas with clarity, fostering stronger relationships, and resolving conflicts. In the workplace, effective communication is vital for leadership, teamwork, and innovation, empowering individuals to collaborate and influence change. Gain insights into verbal and non-verbal communication, active listening, confidence-building, and more.


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Non Member Ticket£10.00
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About this Event

Learning about how to be heard effectively is of paramount importance in both personal and professional spheres. Effective communication is the linchpin of success, enabling individuals to express their thoughts, ideas and emotions with clarity and impact. When you can articulate your thoughts and listen attentively, stronger relationships are forged and it is easier to resolve conflicts, whilst helping you to make informed decisions.

In the workplace, effective communication is the cornerstone of leadership, teamwork, and innovation. It empowers individuals to collaborate and influence change. In essence, mastering the art of how to be heard effectively is a vital skill that empowers individuals to navigate life’s complexities, share perspectives and make a meaningful contribution and impact.

user-icon Key Takeaways

  • Understanding the importance of effective communication – both verbal and

  • Active Listening. Building Confidence. Organising your thoughts. Presentation skills. Emotional Intelligence. Cultural Sensitivity. Personal Branding. Call to Action

Our Speaker

Ras Gohil

Ras is a highly accomplished veteran in the banking industry, boasting an impressive 36-year career marked by diverse leadership roles spanning commercial banking, strategy, credit and risk management, and financial crime and compliance. During her four-year tenure at Moody’s Analytics, Ras excelled in overseeing tailored training programs that addressed critical areas such as credit and risk, financial crime compliance, regulatory adherence commercial due diligence, sales and service for numerous tier banks and financial institutions. These programs not only honed technical expertise but also prioritized essential soft skills, a crucial asset in today's customer-centric and intricate financial landscape. Ras enjoyed a fruitful global career at HSBC, where she held various management and leadership positions within its retail, commercial, and corporate banking divisions, her primary base remained in London. With her wealth of experience and articulate demeanour, she made a significant foray into the realm of development and learning to champion industry-wide best practice

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