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At WIBF, we understand you want to invest in your development, but that there are often hurdles to this. Whether your organisation offers a mentoring scheme, or not, we believe our six-month mentoring programme, available to every Access All Areas member, gives you access to some of the UK's most talented financial services' professionals. Our cross sector scheme enables you to access advice beyond your company, from different perspectives, as well as help you understand new career opportunities.

user-icon How would I benefit?

  • Develop new competencies and skills, or learn about new career options

  • Gain exposure to different perspectives, new ideas and ways of thinking

  • Helps you develop your communication skills

  • Improves your confidence in your ability to execute tasks and projects

  • Gives you the chance to accept constructive feedback and develop a professional relationship.

Don't just take our words for it. This is what our mentees say...

Having been in the same job role for almost ten years, I felt as thought I was stuck in a bit of a rut and somewhat lacking in direction and focus. WIBF's mentorship service piqued my interest. I was initially quite nervous, but it has honestly turned out to be probably one of the most beneficial things I've done professionally in a number of years.

I thoroughly enjoyed getting to connect with someone beyond my employer! Thank you!

This scheme has helped me navigate a difficult time in my career. The belief my mentor has in me supported me to improve my work situation. We are going to have an ongoing relationship and I am continually impressed by her knowledge, attitude and willingness to help.

The whole experience has been so beneficial. I was apprehensive at first, but my mentor was amazing. She really understood the challenges I faced and was able to offer insight which helped me to find my focus and push me.

Mentoring has given me the courage to open up my wings that I'd almost forgot I had.

My mentor helped me feel confident to apply for a new role which I secured and I'm really happy in. Thank you!

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  • In becoming a mentee, you start a new professional relationship with a mentor that has been selected to help you develop the competencies and skills you've set out. Your mentor will help you through experience-based advice, often using their own network to help you develop your career.

  • What you want! We often find mentees want to determine their strengths and weaknesses, the day to day challenges faced in a role and set out career goals. Our mentee guide is designed to help you get started, or start the conversation with your mentor with this question.

  • Everyone is different. We just want you to take the initiative in the relationship, e.g. invite your mentor to meet with you, suggest a topic to discuss and ask for what you need. You can use email, scheduled phone/video calls, or meet in person to help you resolve your questions, confusions, concerns and problems.

  • First give it time. Either of you may have started your relationship on a bad day or on the wrong foot. However. if you don't feel that the match is giving you what you need, please get back in touch with WIBF'smentoring team.

Become a mentor

You don't have to have decades of experience to be a mentor. You just need to have trodden the path a mentee might be starting out on. We have lots of members who are mentees and mentors at the same time. Get in touch to see how your experience could benefit someone.