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Become a mentor

Why mentoring matters

At WIBF, mentors are able to access the WIBF programme without becoming a member so they can benefit from providing experience-based advice, regardless of whether their organisation has a mentoring scheme or not. We believe our six-month mentoring programme will match you with a mentee who could benefit from your skills – whether emotional or professional – while offering you the chance to gain insights from the different perspective your mentee has on life, as well as help you develop your management approach.

user-icon How would I benefit as a mentor?

  • Become a better leader by helping your mentee develop their career.

  • Research shows that mentors often achieve their own career goals more quickly

  • Create a legacy for yourself by helping to shape tomorrow’s leaders

  • Gain exposure to different perspectives, new ideas and ways of thinking.

Why our current mentors mentor...

"As a woman whose 30+ year career has been in the male dominated worlds of finance, FinTech and IT, it has been a pleasure mentoring women and helping them to navigate the workplace."

"The last six months have been very rewarding. WIBF matched myself and my mentee perfectly and we'll be continuing our mentoring relationship beyond the six months."

"It's been extremely rewarding and a pleasure to be involved with. I didn't know how much I would get out of being a mentor myself, but I really did benefit hugely."

"As a board member, I am constantly in discussions about how we improve the diversity at senior levels in the industry. I think the WIBF mentoring programme is a useful tool in encouraging and supporting women to work effectively at a senior level."

"The intensity of corporate life in finance can leave little room for developing a personal career strategy. The WIBF mentoring programme can offer a sounding board and the possibility of innovative thinking."

"I was able to share my personal experience of 20 years in corporate life while juggling with family life. My mentee was just starting a family. I have seen her moving to her new life with confidence and without sacrificing anything, either professionally or personally. "

"It was good to watch someone go through the process of creating the future they wish."

How it works

Sign up

Complete the form, providing as much information as you can to help the WIBF team match you with someone who will benefit from your experience and skills.

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Read our guide

Read our guide on being a mentor to help you understand what's involved and how you can mentor your mentee.

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Follow up when emailed

While we believe the onus should be on the mentee, they may be nervous. Follow up on the initial email introducing you to your mentee to get the conversation started.

Not heard back after a month?


  • A mentor is a more experienced or knowledgeable person who guides someone with less experience or a lower level of knowledge on a matter through their career or personal life. Mentors tend to be older , but that's not always the case. And WIBF prefers that you have at least five years of professional experience under your belt, but, in reality, anyone can be a mentor.
  • While we have paired you with your mentee based on their needs and your experience, we find that mentors benefit from counselling skills (including active listening and a non-judgemental approach) and by being able to be sensitive and offer understanding. We also find that patience and the ability to remain calm in stressful situations often goes a long way.

  • Mentoring involves sharing your knowledge, skills and experience to help your mentee progress in their career. You can also help mentees seek out new professional opportunities, either at their current employer or at a different firm, or develop a clearer idea of their career direction. You also need to make sure you have the time to mentor someone effectively.

Do you want to be a mentee too?

You may already have years of experience, but there is always someone who can help guide you. We have lots of members who are mentees and mentors at the same time. We can introduce to someone who can help you further your career, settle into an important role, or understand what the options are to change your career trajectory.