How mentoring can kick start your career growth

How mentoring can kickstart your career growth

When it comes to personal development, it can be difficult to put time towards learning new skills or refining existing skills while you already have a full schedule of work.

One great way to break this cycle is by joining a mentoring programme as a mentee, for the purposes of increasing your knowledge through learning from a more experienced colleague. On the flip side of the coin, as a mentor you can impart your experience to younger members of the team and receive a fresh perspective on your current role, learning new techniques from a new generation of young professionals.

At WIBF we have a vibrant community of likeminded professionals, all at different levels of development within their careers. This means we have a fantastic pool of mentors and mentees who are looking to connect. If you think this might be a good opportunity for you, keep reading to find out all about how our mentoring programme works.

You can also find out the benefits of mentoring and other things to consider, especially during the current pandemic.
Mentoring provides the opportunity for learning by pairing up two people; one person with a wealth of experience, and one person who is just getting started in their chosen field.

What is mentoring?

Mentoring provides the opportunity for learning by pairing up two people; one person with a wealth of experience, and one person who is just getting started in their chosen field.

This partnership has several benefits to both parties, but it is generally accepted that the mentor will pass on knowledge to the mentee, thereby allowing them to develop in their current role, learn new skills and network effectively with others.

This can be highly advantageous to the mentee, giving them a boost in their industry by learning from someone who has had the benefit of progressing into a senior position. If the mentee is planning on progressing in the same direction, this makes the mentorship an ideal match up.

How mentoring works

Mentoring can work many ways, depending on the experience of both mentor and mentee. As a mentor, ideally you will need to meet on a regular basis and spend time sharing knowledge that will be of benefit to a less experienced colleague. This could be industry-specific, or even just general advice that will help a mentee gain confidence and develop their skills.

As a mentee, you will need to put time aside to meet with your mentor and find out as much information as possible. Exposure to an experienced colleague will give you a fresh insight into your industry and beyond. More than anything you will need to keep an open mind and be willing to ask questions in order to learn effectively.

Benefits of mentoring

There are many benefits to mentoring, mainly for the mentee. However, the mentor can also gain valuable insight into new trends in their industry and gain a fresh perspective on working practices. Benefits include:

  • Spread the knowledge
  • Build new relationships
  • Achieve your goals
  • Learn new skills
  • Fresh insight
  • Increase confidence
  • More exposure to feedback
  • Take your career to the next level

What else should I consider with mentoring?

There are a few extra details you should consider when becoming a mentor or a mentee that may help when deciding whether it is a good option for you:

  • Time – do you have enough time to spare every month and can you commit to that for the time specified in the mentoring programme?
  • Remote mentoring – depending on the circumstances you may have to participate remotely, meaning that you will need a quiet space at home
  • Self-discipline – mentoring is completely voluntary, so as a mentee you will have to make notes, ask questions and be driven enough to take part in the programme. As a mentor you will have to be comfortable sharing knowledge and aim to make a positive impact on your mentee
  • The right pairing – make sure that you are paired with the right person. This could be industry-specific or role-specific so ideally you should seek out someone who is in a more senior position to you and can provide specific advice

Why should I choose WIBF for mentoring?

WIBF provides a six-month mentoring programme for members who would like to participate. We have a vast pool of talented professionals from the financial services industry to connect with, meaning that you could easily be connecting with a mentor who can help you achieve your goals and develop your skills.
Find out how to apply to our mentoring programme today as a mentor or a mentee using this page here. Good luck!

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