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Ras Gohil on being a mentor.

news published date 26 March 2024
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Ras Gohil is a long term mentor with WIBF. We asked her to write for us about her mentoring experiences.  

Ras Gohil is a highly accomplished veteran in the banking industry, boasting an impressive 36-year career marked by diverse leadership roles spanning commercial banking, strategy, credit and risk management, and financial crime and compliance. This includes a 32-year tenure at HSBC and a four-year tenure at Moody’s Analytics, where she held various management and leadership positions within its retail, commercial, and corporate banking divisions.

Ras who not only volunteers for the WIBF London mentoring team has also mentored 12 people in the last 15 months. Ras has also created the Mentor Curriculum which is the 6 month/ 90 minute training webinars for new mentors and existing ones that need a refresher.

As well as being a busy mentor, Ras has also organised group mentoring sessions across the regions, supplied other regions with event material and hosted or organised many other mentoring events. She’ll be part of the team at our group mentoring event on 9 April, Group Mentoring Session – Leading with Intent.

We thought she was an ideal person to ask about the benefits of mentoring. Here’s what she had to tell us. 

Becoming a mentor for Women in Banking and Finance was a decision deeply rooted in my commitment to fostering gender diversity and empowering women in the financial sector. Recognising the underrepresentation of women in leadership roles within the industry, I felt compelled to contribute to the WIBF programme as a mentor to provide guidance, support, and insights to aspiring professionals. 

I have had a long career in financial services, so I understand the unique challenges women face in this field and saw the mentorship role as an opportunity to share my experiences, help navigate obstacles, and inspire confidence in the next generation of female leaders. Contributing to the WIBF programme not only aligns with my values of promoting diversity and inclusion but also allows me to actively participate in shaping a more equitable and dynamic future for the banking and finance industry.

Ras at the 2023 WIBF Awards for Achievement

My commitment to the WIBF mentoring programme is deeply influenced by the invaluable guidance I have received throughout my own career from exceptional mentors. My ongoing relationship with fantastic mentors has provided me with a wealth of insights, strategic advice, and unwavering support. This has motivated me to pay it forward and help others. 

Under the guidance of an exceptional mentor, I not only navigated the distressing experience of workplace bullying but emerged stronger and more successful. My mentor provided unwavering support as I confronted the challenges of workplace harassment. They helped me reflect on how I could improve the relationship and how to cope with the bullying. With my mentor’s guidance, I confronted the bullying head-on, and I not only withstood the ordeal but went on to excel in my career. Their mentorship was the catalyst that empowered me to thrive in the face of adversity, forging a path toward success in my career.

As a mentor, I draw upon these experiences to create a supportive and empowering environment for my mentees, fostering a culture of mentorship that perpetuates positive change within the industry. 

Through my involvement in the WIBF mentoring programme, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing tangible successes in my mentees’ professional journeys. One notable instance involved guiding a mentee who was navigating a career transition within the finance sector. 

By sharing my own experiences and insights, I assisted her in developing a strategic plan to acquire the necessary skills and networks. We worked collaboratively to enhance her leadership capabilities, resulting in her successfully securing a pivotal role in a senior management position. 

I have also mentored an individual facing a challenging situation with their line manager, who consistently dismissed their ideas and contributions. Recognising the impact this dynamic had on their confidence and job satisfaction, I approached the mentoring relationship with empathy and a commitment to empowering them, in a way my mentor had done with me years before. 

Through open and honest conversations, I helped my mentee articulate their concerns and feelings, providing a safe space for them to express frustrations and uncertainties. I shared insights from my own experiences, offering practical advice on building resilience and maintaining professionalism in the face of adversity. Over time, my mentee reported increased self-assurance and a positive shift in their relationship with their line manager. It is results like this that demonstrate the transformative power of mentorship and makes me proud. 

Additionally, I’ve helped mentees navigate workplace challenges, offering advice on effective communication and negotiation skills. These experiences have not only contributed to the professional growth of my mentees but have also reinforced my belief in the transformative power of mentorship in fostering a more inclusive and supportive industry. 

As a mentor, witnessing the accomplishments of those I’ve guided has been immensely gratifying, highlighting the significant impact that dedicated mentorship can have on individual career trajectories.


Our Mentoring Programme is designed with flexibility in mind, requiring just one hour per month for a six-month period, with options for additional meetings as desired. Remember, your unique insights and experiences are valuable, and our resources and support are always available to help you grow as a mentor.

Through mentorship, you have the opportunity to make a real difference in someone’s professional development, and even if challenges arise, our team is here to support you every step of the way. So, join the mentoring programme here at WIBF, download our guide, and let’s embark on this rewarding journey together!