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Stacey English

news published date 26 October 2017
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“We’re technologically able to work from anywhere.”

Stacey has over 20 years regulatory risk experience within the financial services industry as a regulator, practitioner and non executive director. As head of Regulatory Intelligence for Thomson Reuters, she provides analysis and insight on global regulatory developments to compliance and risk professionals worldwide.

Stacey joined Thomson Reuters through the acquisition of the regtech start up Complinet. Stacey is also on the board of regtech company, Corlytics. She is a member of the Thomson Reuters Women’s Network and its industry forum Risky Women. Stacey was a finalist for the WIBF Award for Achievement 2017.

What is the biggest challenge facing your part of the sector?

The volume and pace of regulatory change. From the General Data Protection Regulation to blockchain technology, cyber-resilience to the Senior Managers Regime, there are always new risks and requirements to stay on top of and solutions to be found. It’s a daily juggling act for compliance practitioners keeping firms compliant in the present, whilst preparing for future regulatory change, and at the same time addressing past regulatory failures. That said it’s a hugely exciting time to be part of the sector with fintech and regtech solutions emerging with the potential to transform how regulatory risks are managed.

What is your best tip on how to run an open and diverse recruitment process?

Focus on skills and ability to do the job. In my team, front and centre is whether individuals have the knowledge, skills and experience for the role. We use practical exercises to determine ability to interpret regulatory requirements, understanding of regulatory change and writing skills. By the time we meet candidates they’ve already proved their credibility and capability. It’s really important to make sure there is a diverse range of people involved throughout the recruitment and decision-making process too. That helps minimise unconscious bias or recruiting like for like.

Parenthood comes with many challenges – what is one way workplaces can better support new mothers and fathers?

This requires different things at different stages, but any model that allows new parents, and in fact any parent, to be engaged both at home and in the workplace will benefit everyone. There’s never been a better time to do this. In today’s hyper-connected world, we’re technologically able to work from anywhere. Global teams and customers require flexibility in working hours, as do parents with school or childcare commitments. A clear understanding of needs and expectations combined with flexibility on both sides (and it goes without saying super organisational skills) can lead to fantastic results. It’s also hard to recruit experienced expertise and encouraging new parents to return to the workplace is essential in filling that gap.

Do you use social media? Which is your favourite and why?

Social media is great for staying connected. My favourite by far is LinkedIn because it makes it easier than ever to stay in touch with colleagues both past and present wherever they are in the world, as well as other key contacts in my industry. Some social media can be a huge distraction so managing filters well to access the most relevant and trusted information is important. It’s no substitute for the personal connection though and I prefer to get to know contacts in person wherever practical.

What interests and hobbies do you have in your spare time?

As a working mother with young children spare time is at a premium, but I always try to make time for exercise. Whether it’s running, cycling, weights or classes it never fails to revive me, give me energy and put me in a positive mood. I also find it helps me think clearly and I come up with my best ideas and solutions when running.

To connect with Stacey: Twitter: @regexperts