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Shilpy Kumar, Capco

news published date 14 October 2021
  • Awards
Recognition of Achievement 2021 – Shilpy’s leadership of the Women@Capco network has pushed forward many projects, including a Return to Work programme which encourages experienced, senior talent to join Capco after extended career breaks, whether that was due to having children through to illness.

In addition to her leadership of Capco’s women’s network, Women@Capco, Shilpy has been put forward by her firm for her work on its Return to Work programme, which was designed to bring experienced, senior talent into Capco following extended career breaks due to caregiving for children or the elderly, as well as absences due to mental health, illness or disability. Read why Shilpy is one of Women in Banking & Finance’s 2021 Role Models.

Shilpy is a Senior Consultant at Capco, working with clients in financial services in leading and delivering transformational programmes. As a programme manager and transformation lead, she helps her clients navigate through complexities when delivering their visions of new ways of working, shaping tangible roadmaps which lead to the successful achievement of set ambitions.

Throughout her career, Shilpy has been passionate about equality and inclusion and recognising the strength of diversity. It’s a mindset that has enabled her to co-lead the Women@Capco network in the UK, a group of circa 20 individuals passionate about gender equality and keen to ensure better recognition of women in the workforce.

Born in Sweden and raised by Indian parents, she has first-hand experience in understanding the value of diversity and the importance of representation, in all its forms, at all levels of society and in every workplace.

As a result of her insights into the challenges facing those who have taken a break from their career – either forced or by choice – Shilpy designed Capco’s first Return to Work initiative. The programme provided a way for Capco to attract senior talent who had taken career breaks for a variety of reasons, including parental leave, childcare, caring for elders, mental health, illness or issues related to disability.

Working closely with the Human Resources and executive leadership teams at Capco to shape the programme, Shilpy was steadfast in ensuring the programme would offer a supported route back into the working environment. The programme included:

  • A four-week settling-in period, including a formal induction programme.
  • Personalised training curricula.
  • Mentoring and coaching from Capco leaders.
  • An external specialised “Return to Work” coach.
  • Opportunities for networking and learning with a cohort of fellow returners.

The programme attracted 109 applicants who had taken an extended career break, and seven individuals were hired by Capco. Shilpy was also keen to ensure the new joiners had the chance to share feedback on the whole process. This feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with joiners thanking Shilpy directly for launching a programme that helped them transition back into the workplace.

In her time leading the Return to Work initiative, Shilpy’s colleagues noted she demonstrated exceptional leadership, a collaborative approach and detailed content knowledge.

Commenting on the programme, Shipy said: “The commonality in the stories of those taking a career break speaks to one’s own personal story. Our stories provide a unique perspective that we, given we work for a people business, find invaluable. By celebrating people from different walks of life, we have the chance to recognise the importance of bringing our true authentic selves through the #BeYourselfAtWork global campaign run at Capco. And the launch of Capco Return to Work programme further speaks to our collective ambition and we know that diversity powers innovation.”

Shilpy’s Return to Work programme has been such a success in the UK that Capco is now adopting it globally.

Michael Ethelston, UK Managing Partner at Capco, said that – following the success of this first Return to Work programme – Capco is now launching a follow-up programme for 2022: “This programme is a key part of our diversity and inclusion strategy to ensure that we can attract and retain the best talent across our organisation and realise our vision of a more diverse and inclusive working environment.”

When asked what advice Shilpy wanted to give to other women in financial services, Shilpy spoke of advice she’d loved to be able to give to her 14-year-old self, flagging: “Your ability to connect and empathetically lead and work with people will make many say these are your ‘female leadership skills’. However, this will be what sets you apart. Continue.”