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March – Emily Wilson

news published date 13 March 2024
  • Mentor of the Month
Our mentoring programme continues to flourish, and provides our members with support and guidance in their careers. We couldn’t do this without our fabulous mentors who provide their time and experience freely. We select a mentor every month to celebrate, this month we meet Emily Wilson and her mentee, Amber-Louise Pocklington.

Emily Wilson is a Partner in the Transaction Services practice at Deloitte.  Her day job is working with companies and private equity houses undertaking M&A in the FS sector, specifically looking at the operational aspects of the transactions which includes operational performance, carve-outs and synergies.

She is a passionate advocate for promoting diversity and is part of the Deloitte FS Diversity in Leadership Council, where she has been leading a sponsorship programme for the last three years. Emily has two young children who keep her on her toes and consume most of her free time!

She does, however, still have time to volunteer for WIBF as a mentor and has been nominated as Mentor of the month by Amber-Louise Pocklington.

Amber is a Customer Specialist Support at Lloyds Banking Group and also the founder and CEO of Hip Hop to Help. She is also the Communications lead for Lloyds Banking Group’s Breakthrough Women’s Network.

Amber has worked in various banking roles across Group Internal Audit, Commercial Banking, Brands, Experience and Marketing, Group Customer Inclusion and Customer Specialist Support within Consumer Relationships. She is a champion of social mobility and inclusion, having been a young carer since aged 11 gaining a scholarship to University with Lloyds Banking Group.

Outside of banking, Amber is a social entrepreneur and founded non-profit social enterprise Hip Hop to Help in 2017. Hip Hop to Help makes dance accessible to all across the UK, linking dance, community and well-being.

We asked Emily and Amber a few questions to find out more about mentoring and their mentoring relationship.

Amber-Louise Pocklington

How did you get involved with WIBF and what prompted you to become involved in the mentoring programme?

Emily: I have been a mentor on a number of programmes and have always found the experience to be hugely rewarding and so when I signed up to WIBF as part of an initiative run by our FS Diversity in Leadership Council I was quickly drawn to the mentoring page!  I have benefited from the guidance and support of several different people over my career to date and it’s hugely important to me that I pay that forwards where I can.

Amber: I have been involved in WIBF for just over a year. What prompted me to join the mentoring programme was being at the WIBF awards in 2023. I was highly commended for Future Leader Award but I was so inspired by the mentoring stories I heard and so I wanted to join the programme to develop in my career journey with an external mentor. I also went to a WIBF mentoring event at HSBC and this gave me the tools I needed to make the most out of a mentor relationship.

I was a young carer since aged 11 so I feel incredibly grateful for the career position I am in, and I am keen to keep learning and developing. The WIBF mentoring programme gave me the opportunity to have a mentor external to my organisation to support me in my career development and growth opportunities.

Amber, and what did you get out of the programme and can you explain how it worked?

Amber: Emily and I met once per month. All meetings were face to face which meant they were personal and relaxed, and we built a great and trusting relationship. She made me feel comfortable to talk about different topics including new role opportunities, challenges I was facing and my development goals.

What have you found most rewarding or useful about your mentoring relationship?

Emily: Amber is an absolutely incredible person, her energy and enthusiasm is infectious, and I am in awe of how much she has already achieved, not only in her current role but also with the charity that she set up whilst still at school.

We have had very different journeys into our careers and yet I see a lot of similarities between us, and I recognise a lot of the challenges that she faces and the situations that we discuss. I enjoy being able to share my experiences and it is really rewarding when Amber tells me that a piece of my advice has helped her.

With each meeting I get to know Amber a little better, I see her developing into her new role, I hear about her successes and achievements and each meeting that we have is the best part of my day.

Amber: One of the best pieces of advice Emily gave me was to ensure I make time for myself around working in my banking role and on my dance charity I founded. I now block two 30-minute slots out in my diary each week to focus on doing something for me. Emily told me to write down any work thoughts I have in a book and keep the time focused on wellbeing – whether that be reading, going for a coffee or doing sport. This has really helped me to find balance in my career and personal development.

Emily also helped me shape my personal development goals in my current role which was helpful to guide my objectives and goals in line with my values and passions.

What have you learned about yourself by being a mentor?

Emily: As I’m sharing my experiences and perspectives, I am learning more about myself.  As an example, I can see more clearly the times where I didn’t get it quite right, laughing as I say to Amber “do as I say not do as I do”!

I always come away from our one-to-ones with a renewed energy and sense of purpose.  To me there is nothing more rewarding than watching someone grow and develop and be successful, knowing that in some small way you have contributed to and supported that journey.

Do you have a mentor yourself; how does this help you?

Emily: I have had a number of mentors over the years, some formal and some informal, some within the company I’m working for and some externally.  I find it hugely helpful to have someone to bounce ideas around with, someone who is outside my direct environment and who can provide an objective lens on a situation.

Someone who I can trust completely and who provides a safe space for me to be open and vulnerable.  My mentors are people who know me, who can challenge me and give me the benefit of their experiences and advice.  Their ultimate aim is to support me to achieve my goals and be the best that I can be and that is what I want to do for others through being a mentor myself.

Amber, what’s next for you professionally?

I have recently started a new role at Lloyds Banking Group which Emily helped guide me through. What’s next is therefore excelling in my new role, focusing on building my dance charity Hip Hop to Help externally and continuing to make positive change in diversity and inclusion. I will also definitely be keeping in touch with Emily!

Can you tell us a little about your personal career journey?

Emily: I have always been driven and ambitious – I’m very like my mum in that way and she was my role model growing up as I watched her balance a hugely successful career with looking after me and my sisters.  As a child I thought her job was thoroughly boring so imagine her amusement when I went down exactly the same path!

I have always worked in financial services and always in the M&A space but have rotated through a number of different disciplines, starting in FIG Advisory and Financial DD, moving to an M&A role at a bank and then returning to advisory through joining Deloitte 12 years ago.

My job has taken me across the globe, from Toronto to Chicago, all around Europe, a year in Moscow, down to Mauritius and across to Hong Kong!  I made partner whilst pregnant with my second child and whilst having children has undoubtedly changed my pattern of work and reduced the travel, I have found a way to be successful and meet my personal and professional goals, achieving harmony (if not always balance) between the professional me and the mum me.

What advice would you give someone who was considering joining the WIBF Mentoring Programme?

Emily: Do it!  Be yourself and be open in your discussions – you have done so much, have so many insights and experiences to share and that advice and support can make all the difference to someone who is earlier on in their career.

Amber: Absolutely go for it! My mentoring relationship with Emily has been pivotal in both my career and personal development in and out of work. She has inspired me with her incredible career and leadership, as well as helping me to build confidence in myself and my abilities.


At WIBF we are committed to providing members with someone who can help them shape their career and achieve their goals.  People who choose to mentor provide invaluable experience, knowledge and help to unlock potential in future leaders.  It is a rewarding experience which can enrich your own career, develop your own leadership skills and give you new perspectives. 

If you too want to be a part of the journey to support women in the industry, please sign up to join the community of people already committed to creating a legacy and shaping the leaders of the future.