Inspirational Women 2015: City Champions of Diversity

Every September, Brummell showcases the most inspirational women currently working in the City and, this year, we focus on the city’s champions of diversity.

The Brummell Magazine City Champions of Diversity 2015 includes this profile of WIBF vice president Melanie Seymour.

Melanie Seymour
Head of DC operations, BlackRock
Since joining BlackRock in 2011, Seymour has been an active member of BlackRock’s Women’s Initiative Network and became chair in 2015. Outside her BlackRock role of UK DC and regional office lead, she is vice president of Women in Banking and Finance, supporting women in the finance industry at all levels. She is passionate about developing the next generation of leaders and mentors a number of men and women both internally and externally. Seymour is currently involved in industry-wide initiatives to retain female talent and increase social mobility within the City.