On Monday 14th December we announced WIBF’s 40for40 List, as part of our 40th anniversary celebrations in 2020. WIBF’s ruby anniversary is an opportunity to celebrate the past and inspire the future, and recognise those who have been a part of our journey to become the longest standing network of its kind in the UK.

We were delighted to announce our 40for40 list on Monday 14th December to celebrate our 40th anniversary.

The 40for40 List

WIBF’s 40for40 List showcases some of our greatest supporters and advocates from over the last 40 years. Their contributions personify the positive impact of WIBF and have been instrumental in making us the thriving, innovative network we are today.

These are the positive role models that inspire us, have championed our work, the members whose active involvement has paved the way for others to follow in their field, and the amazing volunteers who are the glue that bind our network together.

Inspirational WIBF Member Winners

Alison Rose

Anna Lane

Cristina Serrano

Jennie Koo

Melanie Seymour

Neeta Mundra

Michael Cole-Fontayn

Will Dowson

Anne Watts

Margaret Carrington

Margery Povall

WIBF Volunteer Winners

Alina Jegorova

Amanda Bishop nee Beckley

Cristina Chimenti

Deborah Vickers

Elaine Meyrick

Marian Costello

Niamh Simms

Linda Jones

Sally McFall

Sylvana Caloni

WIBF Change Maker Winners

Alice Gaskell

Dominie Moss

Gordon Jones

James Clarry

Janet Thomas

Kate Grussing

Lindsay Law

Nikki Wells

Liz Hughes

Pandora Omaset

Friend of WIBF Winners


Andrew Pitt

David Roylance

David Stringer-Lamarre

Julia Streets

Nigel Jackson


Yasmine Chinwala

Martha McKenzie-Minifie

40for40 Categories:

The WIBF 40for40 List is comprised from member nominations in the following categories:

Inspirational WIBF Member

Recognising a member whose contribution to WIBF has made a substantial difference to the lives of others. This could be someone who has inspired as a WIBF Award winner, someone who empowered, opened doors, and created opportunities for others as part of our mentoring programme, or led by example in breaking down gender barriers in financial services.

WIBF Volunteer

As a volunteer-led organisation, WIBF would not be what it is without our volunteers. These are the WIBF members quietly making a difference - organising and administering our events, our networking communities, our mentoring programme, and our annual awards. This could be a volunteer who has been instrumental in building a network branch, sat on one of our committees, or has played a central role in one of our many programmes and initiatives.

WIBF Change Maker

Recognising an individual or institutional member that has led the way in building a financial services sector that works for all. This could be through developing a corporate culture of gender equality through internal policies and initiatives, by promoting female-friendly products or services, or their contribution to closing the gender pay gap.

Friend of WIBF

Recognising an individual, team or organisation that is not a WIBF member, but has been a true advocate or supporter and championed our work to bring a gender lens to UK financial services.

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