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event-icon Personal Excellence Programme

Cultivating resilience: drawing strength from within

event date April 22, 2024 event timing 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm
Virtual Members: FREE Non-Members: £10

Event overview

Delve into building resilience in banking by connecting with spirituality, addressing industry pressures, and offering tools for personal growth and career balance. Attendees will learn how spiritual practices can bolster emotional well-being and adaptability for sustained success.

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About this event

This presentation focuses on building resilience in the challenging world of banking and finance by connecting with one's spiritual essence. It addresses the pressures and stresses that come with the industry and offers tools to tap into inner strength, self-awareness, and personal growth. Attendees will learn how spiritual practices can serve as a foundation for maintaining balance and thriving in their careers.

user-icon Key Takeaways

  • Emotional Resilience: Developing emotional resilience through spiritual practices can lead to better mental health over time, allowing individuals to navigate challenges with greater emotional balance.

  • Physical Health: Resilience practices can contribute to reduced stress-related health issues, fostering long-term physical well-being.

  • Adaptability: Learning resilience enables individuals to adapt to changing industry landscapes and career phases, ensuring sustained career relevance and satisfaction.

  • Relationships: Improved resilience can positively impact personal and professional relationships, leading to more fulfilling and enduring connections in the long run.

Our speaker

Beth Haley

Beth Haley is a seasoned professional renowned for her unwavering commitment to unlocking individual and organisational potential, driving excellence in every endeavor. Leadership Excellence: Beth has held key leadership roles across diverse industries, consistently steering teams to exceed objectives and attain new heights of performance. Inspirational Coaching: Grounded in extensive coaching experience and numerous healing modalities, Beth has empowered individuals to tap into their innate potential, fostering profound personal, and spiritual growth. Published Author: Beth's insights on personal development and relationships have graced the pages of "The Change – Book 10", enriching a broader audience with her invaluable knowledge. Speaker and Workshop Facilitator: As a speaker and facilitator, Beth has graced conferences and workshops, captivating audiences with transformative strategies and actionable insights.

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