Jayne Grimason is a Client Relationship & Business Development Executive at Platinum Financial, a bespoke and independent financial planning firm based in Belfast. She has been taking part in the WIBF Mentoring Programme this year.
Jayne Grimason
Jayne Grimason
WIBF Mentee

Research shows that quality mentorship is one of the most valuable and effective development opportunities available. The guidance, encouragement and support given by a trusted and experienced mentor can provide a mentee with a broad range of personal and professional benefits that ultimately lead to improved performance in the workplace.

The WIBF Mentoring programme now accepts a monthly intake of mentees, so members may join the programme at any point during their membership with WIBF.

The benefit of having a mentor include gaining knowledge and exposure to new ideas and ways of thinking, increased confidence and new advice on developing strengths and overcoming weaknesses, development of personal skills and a way of widening your professional network.

Jayne Grimason is a Client Relationship & Business Development Executive at Platinum Financial, a bespoke and independent financial planning firm based in Belfast. Jayne plays a proactive role in overseeing the implementation of new, client focused initiatives and is passionate about ensuring each client’s journey is positive and memorable.

Outside of work, Jayne enjoys experimenting with new recipes, long walks with her Cocker Spaniel, Marley and traveling to new places that are on her ‘destinations to visit’ list!

We caught up with Jayne to ask her more about her experiences of being a mentee on the WIBF Belfast Mentoring Programme.

What is the biggest thing you’ve learnt from your mentor?

To have faith in myself to just go for it and step outside of my comfort zone! My mentor has also really taught me to think about things from a different perspective – having that sounding board has been invaluable!

What advice would you have for other mentees thinking about signing up?

Do not miss this wonderful opportunity to help you get to the next level from someone who has a wealth of experience and knows how the industry works. It is important to consider if you’re in the right headspace to really make the most of the programme so think about your timing so that you can really give your all to make the relationship work for you!

How do you think you will practically apply what you’ve learnt from mentoring to your job?

I’ve taken lots of notes so that I don’t forget any of the tips my mentor has shared as I know they will still help me in years to come! The mentoring programme has really changed my mindset towards my role and not only do I think it will benefit me but my employer too.

How did you find being mentored by someone virtually?

Great – I found it very comfortable and it probably allowed me to be more open and honest from the off-set than it would if it had of been in person. I’ve also been working from home for the past year so the privacy really helped me to be myself with my mentor which is really important as they get to see the real you.

What was it like being mentored by someone from a different organisation?

Really beneficial as it’s someone who is completely independent and knows nothing about your internal organisation so they don’t have any bias and can view your scenarios through a totally new lens and give you suggestions/things to consider which I have found most invaluable.

Any other advice or comments?

I think WIBF mentoring really is an incredible programme to offer to allow like-minded individuals to give back from their experiences to mentees who really want to soak up everything our mentors have learnt from facing similar obstacles and opportunities in the past. WIBF providing a mentoring programme has opened me up to a support system I didn’t realise I needed and I am so grateful to everyone involved – thank you for supporting me during a critical time in my career path.

To find out more about the WIBF mentoring Programme, visit this page.