Women in Banking and Finance is getting ready to celebrate the talented women of our industry at the 21st WIBF Awards for Achievement in June 2018. These prestigious annual awards highlight the inspirational work taking place every day in pursuit of diversity and excellence in the banking and finance sector.

Celebrate those impressive women and men who work day by day for a more diverse working environment by nominating them for the WIBF Awards for Achievement. Tell us of their achievements and help us spread their best practice and inspirational stories.

This year, WIBF is delighted to introduce a new award, The WIBF Rising Star Award, celebrating those women who have been in the finance industry for five years or less but have absolutely left their mark on their organisation and on their colleagues. There is no age limit for this award. Nominees could perhaps have entered finance as a second career or moved from another part of their organisation. We are looking forward to learning of the achievements of these impressive women – knowing that the future of our industry is in their hands!

Nominations for the 2018 WIBF Awards for Achievement are now open. The deadline for submission is Wednesday 28th February 2018. Please see the nominations page for full details of the awards and how to nominate.

Do you work with a future WIBF Award for Achievement winner? If so, nominate them NOW!

The WIBF Rising Star Award sits alongside our WIBF Award for Achievement, WIBF Champion for Women, WIBF Young Professional and WIBF Team Diversity awards.

The WIBF Awards for Achievement Luncheon will take place on Friday 15th June 2018 at the London Hilton on Park Lane where we will share the inspiring achievements and stories of the women and men working for diversity in our sector today.

Get ready to celebrate!

The Categories

Award for Achievement

Celebrates a woman who has achieved success within a senior role and who displays qualities of dynamism and daring in her working life. Candidates have also used their skills beyond their own career by either serving on boards of other organisations and/or by their involvement with furthering the interests of women in the workplace. This woman is considered a role model and is making a significant impact by driving change across the industry.

Champion for Women Award

Celebrates a seasoned professional, man or woman, who through personal commitment, application and dedication, continuously promotes and inspires women in the workplace to reach their full potential.

Team Award for Diversity

Celebrates team success in promoting gender diversity in the workplace. The team may be a business line team that has driven and embedded the diversity agenda or a specialist function (such as HR or Diversity & Inclusion) that partners the business to provide vision and framework for enabling diversity at work.

Young Professional Award

Celebrates a woman aged 35 or younger (on 28th February 2018) who is making an exceptional impact within an organisation. She is shaping her organisation, not only in terms of business success, but also in the example she provides to colleagues. This individual out-performs her peers across the industry and demonstrates huge drive for career success alongside energy for helping others.

Rising Star Award

Celebrates a woman who has demonstrated significant initiative in the early stages of her career in finance (no more than five years on 28th February 2018). There is no age limit for this award. Candidates may include someone who has changed careers to, or within, finance (such as a lawyer taking on a business role in finance or an accountant moving into the finance sector). This woman’s outstanding contribution to her organisation makes her ‘one to watch’ as someone who has progressed with their career at a significant pace in a short space of time. What will this woman do next?


Nominations are now open. Please don’t wait until the last minute to nominate. Think now about the colleagues who inspire you – could one of them be a 2018 WIBF Award for Achievement winner?

Nominations close on 28th February 2018

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