Opportunities to work within WIBF as well as links to our Corporate Members careers pages. Listings for WIBF can include voluntary and contractual positions, currently open, across Chapters. Vacancies can also be found on our LinkedIn group.

WIBF Opportunities

Women in Banking and Finance (WIBF) is a not for profit membership association founded in 1980 in the UK and Ireland and staffed primarily by voluntary Executive and Management Committees. WIBF corporate members include global financial services companies, major banks and firms servicing the industry.

Objectives of the Association are to:

(a) Provide a supportive and inspiring community for our members as well as a platform for discussion of issues important to them
(b) Make valuable connections and foster relationships between our members and with the wider community and provide access to leaders in the financial services industry
(c) Organise learning, development and networking opportunities to assist our members and
(d) Showcase and celebrate female talent through our publications and events.

Committee Roles - All Committee members must be fully paid up members of WIBF.

Opportunities in Birmingham

Birmingham has been growing at pace over the last 12 months with increased demand on our events and activities we are looking for individuals to support this grow and are now looking for individuals to support us to take us to that next level.

We have some great opportunities to help shape our future activity and impact, as such we are looking for individuals to further support our strand leads for our Millennials and Personal Excellence Programme. This will involve contributing to devising programme plans, sourcing speakers and facilitators including ensuring workshops and events are in keeping with our plans and vision.

Please get in touch with Joanne.Hanley@wibf.org.uk or Jennie.Koo@wibf.org.uk to discuss further.

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