The power of storytelling and creating lasting change - TIMES UP UK

The power of storytelling and creating lasting change

WIBF are partnering with TIME’S UP UK, a charity dedicated to ensuring safe, fair and dignified work for all, to share experiences, stories and work together to effect positive change in the workplace.

Founded in 2018 in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein revelations and #MeToo together with Emma Watson and a whole host of the UK’s entertainment industry, TIME’S UP UK has been highlighting the connections between the harassment revelations in Hollywood and the wider, systematic nature of harassment and violence against women across all industries, contexts and countries with the recognition that this issue is universal. The work of TIME’S UP UK is today focused around two main goals: 1) to end sexual harassment across the film, theatre and TV industries, and 2) to bring about sustainable change and transform culture so that people of all races and gender are represented fairly everywhere. With a small but powerful team and a host of talent ambassadors we are using our platform to tell stories and call out abuse.

The power of storytelling is relevant to all of us, whatever industry we are in and we are excited to be sharing some of our work with you. To date we have worked with industry on the Bullying and Harassment Guidance, developed Unconscious Bias training, created a new role to ensure safety on set with Intimacy Coordination. We have helped to elevate women’s voices so that the powerbase tilts towards women; writers, directors, producers, actors, every role within the film and entertainment pipeline so that women and women of colour are better represented across the sector, ensuring in turn, that there are more women and women of colour in more positive roles both on and off screen, and supported the Justice and Equality Fund - a fund for women on behalf of the movement to embrace and amplify the voices of women and grassroots organisations to tackle sexual harassment. We have this summer just completed a survey on Microaggressions and we look forward to sharing the analysis of our data with you soon.

Do let us know if you are interested to hear more about our work and our plans to ensure that no one ever has to say #MeToo again.

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