Presidents Message - November 2019


2020 is an incredibly special year for Women in Banking and Finance (WIBF); it marks forty years of our network, forty years of women supporting women, forty years of working together to improve gender balance in our sector.

Each individual success, every group attainment, has been part of those forty years and WIBF wants to celebrate every woman, every year, every achievement during 2020.

WIBF will celebrate the fortieth anniversary with a myriad of events throughout the year (keep an eye on our website, Twitter and LinkedIn for updates) but our flagship celebration will be the 2020 Women in Banking and Finance Awards for Achievements, to be held on Friday 12th June at the beautiful London Guildhall. This celebration of the accomplishments of women working in the sector today, the triumphs of teams working for diversity, and the inspirational champions of women will be for every woman that has walked that stage before, or has paused in her career over the past forty years to put her hand out to the woman following her.

WIBF is delighted to announce that Citi will be the headline sponsor of the 2020 WIBF Awards for Achievement. Longstanding WIBF member, Citi, shares WIBF’s passion for inspirational mentors and effective gender practice throughout the sector and we know that in partnership with Citi, the 2020 WIBF Awards for Achievement will be an absolutely exceptional occasion. Thank you, Citi.


We are thrilled to open nominations for the 2020 WIBF Awards for Achievement!

You can nominate online for:

WIBF Future Leader Award
WIBF Tech Star Award
WIBF Champion for Women Award
WIBF Team Award for Diversity
WIBF Award for Achievement
Nominations will close on Friday 28th February 2020 with the shortlist to be announced in April. All instructions, category details and helpful FAQs are available here.

Every nomination is a declaration of pride in colleagues, of the work of individuals, of an organisation’s attitude to gender practice. WIBF and the financial services industry wants to know about the brilliant, dedicated people you work with and we all want to learn how to replicate their successes in our workplace.

Think about the champions you work with; share the nomination link with your team – we all know a winner!

Any questions? Email


Although we have made tremendous progress toward genuine gender equality, we are very well aware of continued discrimination and bias in the workplace. It is important to call out inappropriate behaviours, but it is not always easy to be heard. Women in Banking and Finance is a staunch supporter of those who speak out, and of those who are not able to do so. I and a number of WIBF members spoke to The Guardian about this last month.

I look forward to seeing you soon at one of the many WIBF events scheduled for November.

Best Wishes,
Vivienne Artz
President, WIBF