President’s Message - December 2020

Farewell message from Vivienne Artz

Christmas is always a busy time of year, and this year it is particularly busy as we draw our 40th Anniversary celebrations to a close with the announcement of our 40for40 this month, share the initial survey insights and recommendations from our Accelerating Change Together Research Programme which was launched at the London Stock Exchange on 26 November, and as I prepare to handover to our new and 23rd President, Anna Lane, from 1 January 2021.

As I reflect back over the almost 4 years that I have had the privilege to lead WIBF, it is with a tremendous sense of joy and pride for all that we have achieved together, the learnings we have discovered, the connections we have made, and the challenges we have overcome.

WIBF’s aims are to connect our members to a wide network of thought leaders, business leaders and women at all stages of their careers; to challenge the industry to adopt new ideas and address structural barriers, and inspire our wider community to believe in change.

WIBF has pivoted to the challenges of Covid-19 by shifting to creative digital media in which to interact with our members through events and social media; we have doubled our membership and branches (the new Belfast branch will launch in January); we have developed new areas of focus in Thought Leadership with the Accelerating Change Together Research Programme; WIBF Jobs is connecting talent with opportunity; and we have collaborated with experts, peers and other networks to amplify the voice of WIBF and its members to apply a gender lens to UK financial services. What an extraordinary journey, possible only with the engagement of our members, leadership of our volunteers, and support of our Advisory Board and Patrons.

So as I step down as President and move to the WIBF Advisory Board, I want to extend a heart felt and humble thank you to all the amazing people I have met both inside and outside of WIBF, too many to name, who have connected, challenged and inspired me, and enabled WIBF to be the action oriented thought leadership network that brings our members together to be the role models and agents of change for an inclusive financial services sector.

Wishing you and your families and communities a joyful and safe Christmas Season, and thank you again for sharing this fantastic journey with me. I know that you will welcome Anna Lane as warmly as you did me, as she takes up the inspiring role of President of WIBF in 2021!

With best wishes,

Vivienne Artz

President, Women in Banking and Finance