WIBF President - Congratulations to 2015 Awards for Achievement winners | Full winner list

The 18th annual Women in Banking and Finance Awards for Achievement Luncheon was held at the Dorchester Hotel on the 12th June and was a great success.

The WIBF Awards for Achievement 2015 luncheon was sold out months in advance so the Dorchester’s ballroom was bustling with corporate and individual members celebrating the fantastic achievements of all shortlisted nominees and of course to applaud the winners of our 2015 Awards for Achievement:

Anett Galosfai, Thomson Reuters
- WIBF Young Professional Award winner, sponsored by Macquarie

EY Restructuring
- WIBF Team Diversity Award

Ruth Wandhofer, Citi
- WIBF Award for Achievement, sponsored by Credit Suisse

Alan Haywood, BP
- WIBF Champion for Women

Haywood’s win was a historic moment as he is our first male WIBF Champion for Women – and in fact the first man to ever win a WIBF award. Our newest corporate member, Bloomberg, was there to capture the moment for the media. Thank you, Bloomberg!

Sincere thanks too, to EY who sponsored the Awards Luncheon and to Macquarie and Credit Suisse for sponsoring individual awards.

At the awards I made a call to action for our members to get in touch with their young women, with the young women who have recently entered our industry. WIBF wants to find out why these young women are leaving the industry within five years and we want to do this together with our members. This is about how we want the future of our industry to look. Because although the leaky pipeline is a problem for us now it is of course a problem waiting for us in the board room of the future.
I ask you to join us as we take up this challenge to secure an increasingly bright future for our industry.

I was absolutely delighted that the Luncheon’s charity raffle raised £6,500 for Rosa – the UK fund for women and girls. Thank you for supporting their wonderful work supporting initiatives that benefit women and girls in the UK in the areas of equality and justice www.rosauk.org-

Thank you to all our members – corporate and individual – without you, there would be no awards.

What a day!

We would really like more of our members to be able to join us on this great day so we are looking to make the awards bigger and even better – a challenge indeed – so there are more tickets on sale and more opportunities for you to join us. More information soon.

There is no newsletter next month so I would like to wish you all a wonderful summer. Remember it is never too early to start thinking about who you might nominate for a WIBF Award for Achievement next year or indeed how you can set yourself up to be nominated next year.

- Janet Thomas, WIBF President