Jennie Koo again recognised in the Ethnic Minority Role Model Lists

The EMpower Ethnic Minority Role Model Lists 2021 have been published and this year sees Jennie Koo once again recognised for the commitment and leadership needed to be a role model for ethnic minorities, as well as the rest of society, and not just in UK financial services.

Sponsored by Yahoo Finance, the lists seek to shine the spotlight on business leaders who are actively breaking down barriers at work and allowing ethnic minorities in the UK and Europe, and people of colour in Canada and the United States, to achieve their ambitions.

Commenting on the announcement, Jennie stated: “This recognition is really special given the fantastic role models also listed and I really appreciate my inclusion. The work I do is really important to me and I am very glad that I can support the many personal and professional initiates that have led to this accolade.”

Anna Lane, CEO and President of Women in Business & Finance (WIBF), added, “Jennie provides amazing support to a huge number of volunteers in WIBF, mentors individual members, helps sustain our institutional membership base, and has helped me considerably since I took over the leadership of WIBF in January. Jennie is an inspiration and I am delighted that she continues to receive the recognition she deserves.”

Despite starting a demanding role as Head of Operations Risk Management at Capital One in 2018, Jennie’s support for WIBF has continued apace. Aside from her position on our management board, where she represents the interests of WIBF’s six regional branches, Jennie founded the Birmingham branch in 2017 (which she continues to co-chair), set up the Manchester Branch in 2019 and enabled the Belfast branch to launch in March 2021.

In addition to her tireless support for WIBF, Jennie is an advisory board member to the Aston University Enactus team. For over nine years, she has mentored with the Prince’s Trust to enable the development of 11 to 30 year olds from all backgrounds and encourage social mobility into financial services. Jennie also recently became a trustee for the charity Only A Pavement Away, which helps people facing homelessness, prison leavers and veterans start careers in hospitality.

At work, in addition to her day job, Jennie leads the company’s UK chapter of empowHER’s – its gender business resource group – where she demonstrates the benefits of a collaborative and proactive approach to create equal career opportunities for Capital One’s Black, Asian and ethnic minority associate.

Jennie was included in the EMpower Top 50 Ethnic Minority Leaders Lists for 2018 and 2019, and has also received several more industry accolades for her work driving diversity, equality and intersectionality in financial services. In 2019, Jennie was on the HERoes 50 Women Future Leaders Lists 2019 and made the Top 10 in the HERoes Women Role Model Lists 2020.

Well done Jennie. We’re all delighted we can work with you at WIBF.