Our ‘Men As Allies’ team recently reached out to a number of senior leaders and undertook a series of 12 face to face interviews, focussing on the current gender landscape, the obstacles which remain and further explored the role of male allies.

The complete findings can be found here, however in summary :

• Our industry has not achieved gender balance

• Work-life balance and confidence or self-deselection from senior positions contribute to this

• Flexible working, supportive corporate cultures, gender targets and mentoring all emerged as possible solutions

• Men struggled to define the concept of being a male ally, with reservation in saying something which may offend, therefore avoid active involvement

• The need to look beyond the gender lens and consider gender, ethnicity, the LGBTQ community and beyond

We want to create a truly inclusive and supportive Men As Allies community to progress gender balance together – and insight such as this is critical to help us achieve this.

What better a day to share the findings than today, International Men’s Day!

International Men’s Day is a celebration of the positive difference that men bring to the world, communities and to their families, while also raising awareness about men’s well-being and issues that men face on a global scale.