Advisory Board Message to Vivienne Artz

On behalf of the Advisory Board, current and past members, who have had the pleasure of working with Vivienne, we wish to put on record our thanks and acknowledgement of all that Vivienne has achieved in her role as President over the last four years.

She has overseen the growth and development of WIBF into an organisation that is now firmly leading the drive to move the needle on the gender agenda within financial services. Under her leadership, in addition to the existing programme of member events and annual awards ceremonies, we have seen the launch of a number of critical initiatives designed to support not only women in the sector, but also their mentors and businesses. These include the Jobs Board, the increased focus on delivery of benefits to Corporate members, the promotion of Male Allies and of course the Accelerating Change Together Research Programme, which has led to increased corporate engagement and sponsorship.

Notwithstanding the challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic, which are on-going, WIBF is still successfully celebrating its 40th anniversary year with the 40 for 40 virtual awards, and again the fact that WIBF is in such good shape is due to the stewardship, inspiration and drive that Vivienne has exhibited. The fact she has done so alongside a demanding day job, developments and structural change within her own business, and the ever present demands facing any working parent mean that these achievements are even more worthy of recognition.

Thank you Vivienne, and we look forward to you joining us on the Advisory Board next year, where we have no doubt that your enthusiasm and ideas for all that WIBF can be, will continue to very welcome!

Melanie Seymour

Sharonjit Clare

Marian Bloodworth