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Building Resilience: How to Ensure Women Are Not Left Behind as a Result of Covid-19 - Women’s World Banking

Over 1 million women garment workers in Bangladesh have been sent home without pay as a Covid-related result of western retailers cancelling orders. It’s been estimated that 9.5 million women worldwide could miss out on vital family planning and reproductive healthcare services, and countries around the world are facing a sharp surge in reported domestic violence against women as a result of the lockdown. These are only a few examples of how this pandemic has uniquely devastating impacts on women in low- and middle-income countries, and highlights the substantial inequality they face.

Source: Women's World Banking


Covid 19

Returning to work: interview tips, authentic support and what inclusion really looks like | The Lens

Ann Pickering Chief HR Officer at O2 and Ria Johal a diversity and inclusion consultant catch up with our host Oli Barrett MBE for our first episode of the season...

Source: The Lens


Return to Work

Diversity still matters

Inclusion and diversity are at risk during COVID-19--but are critical for business recovery, resilience, and reimagination.

Source: McKinsey & Company


Health & Wellbeing

Women’s Work policy, pay, progress, and the penalties that remain

Public policy has shown its worth over the last half century, helping to narrow substantially the paid employment gap between men and women (from 38 percentage points at the start of the 1970s to an all-time low of 8 percentage points at the end of 2019). But it is clear that this policy approach needs modifying in order to deal with the many other
large gaps – in relation to job quality, pay and the distribution of unpaid work – that remain.

Source: Jon Franklin, Kathleen Henehan, Fahmida Rahman & Matt Whittaker


G for gender? Where gender sits in the ESG discussion

LONG READ: From additive assets to human rights, gender equality is being affirmed as a pillar of sustainable development. However, the investment industry has been slow to harness its financial potential.

Source: Citywire



Causal Link Established for Gender Impact on Company Performance

A world first-study establishing a strong causal relationship between increasing the share of board and leadership roles given to women and improved company performance, has been released in Australia.

Source: Women On Boards


Women on Boards

Over 40 new firms commit to promoting gender diversity in financial services

Over 40 new companies have signed up to the Women In Finance charter, which aims to promote gender diversity in Financial Services, the City Minister John Glen has announced today.

Source: GOV.UK


Pay Gap
Women in Finance Charter

Why Covid-19 is different for men and women

Covid-19 has profoundly different outcomes for men and women – and not just in terms of their health.

Source: BBC News


Health & Wellbeing

Baby Steps: The Gender Division of Childcare during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID19 pandemic has caused shocks to the demand for home childcare (with the closure of schools and nurseries) and the supply of home childcare (...

Source: Baby Steps: The Gender Division of Childcare during the COVID



The New Social Contract: Achieving retirement equality for women

Globally, less than a quarter of women workers believe they are on course to achieve their retirement income needs. A new report provides actionable recommendations to put women at the center of the solution.

Source: Aegon




The Financial Services Skills Taskforce was launched by the former Chancellor in his Mansion House speech in June 2018 to help ensure that the sector is prepared to meet long-term skills needs over a period of unprecedented technological and social change. The Taskforce, chaired by Mark Hoban, and convened by TheCityUK, with support from EY UK1 and The City of London Corporation, brings together senior business leaders from across the sector, representatives of trade bodies, Chartered institutes and higher and further education to take on the challenge of ensuring we have the skills and talent we need to be globally competitive into the future.

Source: EY


Banking and Finance

Twelve small actions with big impact for Generation Equality

Change isn’t just about big headline moments, legal victories and international agreements: the way we talk, think, and act every day can create a ripple effect that benefits everyone. As we usher in the new decade and take stock of global progress on women’s rights, join us, as Generation Equality,

Source: UN Women