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Delivering through diversity

Our latest research reinforces the link between diversity and company financial performance--and suggests how organizations can craft better inclusion strategies for a competitive edge.

Source: McKinsey & Company



Sex Discrimination Law Review Final Report

The Sex Discrimination Law Review Panel who produced this report with Fawcett was made up of a team of legal experts and chaired by Dame Laura Cox, DBE, a retired High Court Justice.
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Source: Fawcett Society


Pay Gap

Differences make a difference: Diversity in social learning and value creation

Prior research has demonstrated that CEOs learn privileged information from their social connections. Going beyond the importance of the number of soc…

Source: Science Direct


The Art of Success

Reed Smith, in collaboration with WeAreTheCity, has launched ‘The Art of Success’: a guide for women embarking on a career in the City of London.
The report is based on the findings of a survey of more than 100 senior female leaders to find out what it takes to survive and thrive as a female senior

Source: The Art of Success



Women CEOs Speak

Strategies for the next generation of female executives and how companies can pave the road.
When roughly 94% of Fortune 1000 chief executive officers (CEOs) are men, what qualities drive the 6% who are women to the most elite reaches of corporate leadership?
To find out, the Korn Ferry Institute studied 57 women who have been CEO—38 currently and 19 previously—at Fortune 1000-listed companies and others of similar size. We analyzed structured interviews with all 57 women and the results of psychometric assessments taken by two-thirds of them.

Source: Korn Ferry Institute



Still looking for room at the top: Ten years of research on women in the workplace

What we know--and what everyone needs to know--about the quest for equality.
In 2007, when women held 11 percent of seats on the executive committees of Europe’s leading companies, McKinsey published its first Women Matter report. It not only argued for greater gender diversity in corporate management but also suggested how to achieve that goal.

Source: McKinsey & Company



Gender pay gap is widest when women hit 50, reveals new research

Women start their careers earning less than men, and the gap only gets wider from there, research from the TUC reveals

Source: The Independent


Pay Gap

Third of British bosses do not believe gender pay gap is business issue

Nearly a third of British companies admit they do not believe the gender pay gap is an issue despite regulations requiring companies to gather information on it coming in to force.
The regulation comes ahead of all companies that employ more than 250 staff being required to publish their pay gap between men and women from next April as part of the Government's aim to end the difference between salaries of both genders.


Pay Gap

VC Stereotypes About Men and Women Aren’t Supported by Performance Data

Male entrepreneurs are the beneficiaries of the overwhelming majority of venture capital investments. But are their ideas really better investment opportunities for VCs than those pitched by women?
According to our research, the answer is “not necessarily.” In a two-part study, we observed that venture capitalists adopt markedly different stereotypical notions of female and male entrepreneurs during their decision-making processes.



The Gender Role Gap in Financial Services

Our view is that it is a myth that the UK Gender Pay Gap is all about “pay”. We have had Equal Pay legislation in the UK for approaching half a century. It is unlawful for an employer to pay its staff differently for performing the same or similar work, or work of equal value on the basis of gender. We can expect the majority of companies to be compliant on Equal Pay. In fact, it is possible to have a material gender pay gap while at the same time being fully compliant with Equal Pay legislation, therefore we argue that it is a misnomer and should be renamed the “Gender Role Gap”.

This is a “Gender Role Gap” reflecting the difference in the proportion of men and women in different roles at different levels of seniority in companies. It is the Gender Role Gap which is responsible for the headlines.


Pay Gap

Women Leading the Future of Blockchain (Infographic)

Since 1987, the month of March has commemorated the history and impact of women, with March being recognized as Women’s History Month and March 8th as International Women’s Day. The celebration of political and social barriers that have been broken and achievements that have been made is timely, especially considering that in 2016, women were only paid 80% of what their male counterparts were paid. One arena where women have always and are continuing to make progress is in the world of technology.


Pay Gap

Diversity and inclusion at the FCA The Women in Finance Charter

The FCA has a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion. To be an effective and efficient regulator, we need to make sure that we recruit, develop and keep the most talented, engaged and diverse workforce.


Pay Gap
Women in Finance Charter