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State of the Workplace | Part 1: Gender | Hive

Using a data sampling of more than 3,000 men and women, the report reveals insights into how we behave, work, and communicate in the office.

Source: Hive



Gender pay gap reporting: What your business needs to know | Sage Advice UK

Read this in-depth guide on the gender pay gap and find out what your business needs to do when it comes to gender pay gap reporting, what to calculate and when to submit your figures.

Source: Sage Advice UK


Pay Gap

Closing the gap: Leadership perspectives on promoting women in financial services

Men and women in financial services begin their careers at parity, but women account for only 19 percent of positions in the C-suite. Our research breaks down the current state of gender diversity in the industry and explores ways to improve the representation of women at every level.

Source: McKinsey & Company



New independent report details ways of tackling gender seniority gap ABI

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Source: New independent report details ways of tackling gender seniority gap ABI



Women in Finance: An Economic Case for Gender Equality

Women are underrepresented at all levels of the global financial system, from depositors and borrowers to bank board members and regulators.

Source: IMF Blog By Martin Čihák and Ratna Sahay



The Hampton-Alexander Review publishes its 2017 Report

The Hampton-Alexander Review is an independent, business-led review supported by Government, the successor to the five-year Davies Review into Women on Boards. Its initial report published in November 2016 set a series of recommendations aimed at increasing the number of women in leadership positions of FTSE 350 companies.

Source: The Hampton



Closing the gender pay gap: actions for employers

Toolkit for employers, with actions they can take to close the gender pay gap in their workplace.

Source: GOV.UK


Pay Gap

Lessons in banking with a purpose from the ancient world

Leadership and a clear view of risk powered the longevity of one early institution.

Source: Financial Times


Banking and Finance

Mind the gender pay gap

THE UK is one of the few countries to require employers with over 250 employees to disclose their gender pay gap data. New regulations came into force in April 2017, and 10,527 employers have now submitted their figures. They offer some useful lessons in how to make pay more equal for men and women. Read more at The Business Times.

Source: The Business Times


Pay Gap

The Mommy Effect: Do Women Anticipate the Employment Effects of Motherhood?

After decades of convergence, the gender gap in employment outcomes has recently plateaued in many rich countries, despite the fact that women have increased their investment in human capital over this period. We propose a hypothesis to reconcile these two trends: that when they are making key human capital decisions, women in modern cohorts underestimate the impact of motherhood on their future labor supply. Using an event-study framework, we show substantial and persistent employment effects of motherhood in U.K. and U.S. data.

Source: NBER



Inclusion and Diversity in Tech: The Levers of ChangeWOMEN IN BUSINESS AND FINANCE

Earlier this year, Women in Banking and Finance and Lloyds Banking Group hosted a hackathon to mobilise change for women in the workplace. Over 300 women and manbassadors from across the tech, finance, banking and charity sectors joined forces to hack key issues hampering gender equality and fairness of opportunity. This first paper focuses on imposter syndrome.

Source: Women in Banking & Finance


Women’s Advancement: Still Being Denied | Korn Ferry

August 15, 2018 - Almost half of women surveyed tell Korn Ferry they’ve been denied advancement because of their gender. Their advice to overcome the problem is surprising.

Source: Korn Ferry