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Are you Missing Millions? - The commercial imperative for putting a gender lens on your business

Companies that fail to consider gender in areas like strategy development, product & service design, marketing, customer experience & supply chains are likely to “miss millions” of insights, customers & revenues

Source: 30% Club and PwC



Revealing the appetite for Responsible Investment

We’re seeing a global trend towards responsible investing.
“Responsible” or “sustainable” finance and a focus on environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors have moved firmly into the mainstream today.

Source: KPMG


Banking and Finance
Financial Inclusion

A sea of voices

KPMG's 2019 edition of the Evolving Asset Management Regulation report.

Source: KPMG


Banking and Finance

The Call to Act

This year’s Women in Alternative Investments Report (WAI Report) is about action.

Source: KPMG


Banking and Finance

Gender equality at work: research on the barriers to women’s progression

Three pieces of research to understand the barriers to progression faced by women in the workplace and what works for employers to overcome them

Source: GOV.UK



Sunday Dread: just how big a problem is work anxiety?

From sleeping poorly to feeling irritable, anxiety is having an impact on the UK’s workforce. But why is this and what can be done to tackle it?

Source: Aviva


Health & Wellbeing

Current news | Our YouGov Survey Results are clear - Flexible Working WORKS

Last month we conducted research via YouGov which uncovered some fascinating statistics from Scottish Business Leaders: Almost nine in ten (87%) leaders surveyed who offer flexible working say it has had a positive impact on their business. More than 250 Scottish senior business decision makers demonstrate clear business benefits from offering flexibility - putting paid to the myth that flexible working is only a ‘favour’ to help employees in special circumstances.

Source: Family Friendly Working Scotland


Flexible Working

DiverCity Podcast: Looking back at legislative change and facing forward into the digital universe.

From time to time we like to seek insight and opinion and expertise beyond our world of financial services. Recorded at the House of Lords, Lord Hayward of Cumnor and Trevor Phillips OBE discuss the pivotal legislative changes which paved the way for the Equality Act 2010. Looking beyond the Act and the Protected Characteristics...

Source: DiverCity® Podcast



Women in the Workplace 2019

Five years in to our research, we see bright spots at senior levels. But companies need to focus their efforts earlier in the pipeline to make real progress.

Source: McKinsey & Company



The CS Gender 3000 report 2019. Diversity and company performance.

The 2019 edition of the CS Gender 3000 report provides unique and comprehensive research on the gender diversity mix within the governance and executive leadership teams of over 3,000 companies.

Source: Credit Suisse


Pay Gap
Women on Boards

Help and support for returning to work

This page provides guidance for those looking to return to work following a career break, as well as information for employers wanting to implement a returners programme at their organisation.

Source: GOV.UK


Career Development
Return to Work

Moving Towards Gender Balance in Private Equity

Important research on gender balance in private equity and venture capital in emerging markets from IFC - International Finance Corporation, Oliver Wyman and The Rock Creek Group and supported by the 30% Club.

The research highlights the power of Limited Partners (LPs) to facilitate change by:
(i) challenging their General Partners (GPs) on the lack of diversity, both in portfolio companies and within GP funds
(ii) setting targets and investment goals related to the diversity of investments.

Source: IFC - International Finance Corporation, Oliver Wyman and The Rock Creek Group