Threats to the Women’s Rights Movement: a conversation with Ann Olivarius

Virtual event
Wednesday 29th June 2022 6:00pm to 7:00pm Add to my calendar

Ann Olivarius is a pioneer of the women’s rights movement, instigating change politically, legally, and in the workplace, creating a world where women are safer and more equal in the UK and the USA. She is a trailblazing feminist lawyer who has made tackling sexual harassment and discrimination her life’s work. Join Grace Lordan in her conversation with Ann Olivarius as they look back on the progress that women have made over the last 50 years.

They will discuss the current threats facing the Women’s Rights Movement today from the workplace to the community to the political agenda, including why US abortion rights are under attack at this specific point in history.

Meet our speaker and chair:

Ann Olivarius (@AnnOlivarius) is chair and senior partner at McAllister Olivarius. Dr Olivarius is recognised for her pioneering work representing victims of sexual violence, sexual harassment, and discrimination in the UK and USA. Nelson Mandela, whom Ann advised, described her as ‘a lawyer who has advised me well and who has courageously advanced the cause of justice, and improved life opportunities, for hundreds of millions of women, blacks and disadvantaged, worldwide’.

Grace Lordan (@profgracelordan) is the author of Think Big, the Founding Director of The Inclusion Initiative and Associate Professor at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

This event is hosted by The Inclusion Initiative. TII (@lse_tii) aims to bring behavioural science insights to firms to allow them to enhance the inclusion of all talent, and simultaneously produce academically rigorous and relevant research that links directly to TII’s purpose.

If you would like to put a question to Anne live at this event, please contact with details of what you would like to ask her.

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