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Wednesday 16th September 2020 12:30pm to 1:15pm Add to my calendar
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We’re delighted to welcome David Roylance as guest speaker to our September PEP event on how to achieve the maximum impact over Zoom.

What businesses need now is visible leadership. If you cannot demonstrate visible leadership at this time you risk becoming irrelevant to your team and your organisation.

But how do you make sure that you are a visible leader and make sure the value you add is understood if you can only interact with your stakeholders remotely?

On any video platform you are one dimension down which means all of us have to make up for it with 10 times more energy, yet being 10 times more precise in what you say.

David will take you through the three pillars of impact, so you have absolute command of your own presence resulting in you coming across with the charisma and influence that you intend.

The 3 Pillars of Impact are:

  • Posture
  • Voice
  • Energy

Unless your posture is aligned you cannot be charismatic.

Without a full tonal range your voice cannot be heard as influential.

Without energy you cannot be experienced as vital to your organisation.

This session will give every participant practical exercise in all 3 pillars of impact to overcome lack of confidence, a lack of voice and the charisma that leaders need for their teams to take ownership of ideas and tasks. How do we know these are real tools for creating tangible results? Everyone will be doing the exercises during the session. This is a physical session. No fluff, no theory, pure practicality.


12.30 – 13.15pm

David Roylance helps people to stand out, avoid redundancy and get themselves promoted in times of recession.

After 2 decades of experience as an actor and director in the world of theatre, David Roylance adapted his skills and learned new ones to become Europe’s # 1 Smasher of the Glass Ceiling for C-Suite leaders. For the last 2 decades David has honed his system of Speak – Shine – Make 10 Times the Difference for hundreds of corporate leaders and thousands of entrepreneurs.

This event is being run virtually via Zoom - Please ensure you have registered with us in advance of the session to ensure you receive the joining instructions.

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