Gender, Diversity and Inclusion in Financial Services

Virtual event
Thursday 11th February 2021 2:00pm to 2:45pm Add to my calendar

According to Oliver Wyman, the percentage of women in financial services leadership roles is still below 25% globally, despite improvements over the last 20 years. Over that time, and especially recently, we have seen a growing awareness of the issue, along with strong business cases for increased inclusion and diversity in the workforce. Mindsets are clearly shifting, but levels of diversity on boards and in senior leadership roles are still far too low.

With a long way to go to improve the situation across the financial sector, but promising signs that we’re moving in the right direction, this episode of On The Money looks at how we can maintain the momentum and drive a tangible change in diversity and inclusion across the sector.

WIBF are delighted to be in partnership with MoneyNext and hope you will join us for for this interesting discussion which includes WIBF Advisory Board member Melanie Seymour.


  • How is diversity in financial services currently being promoted? Is it working?
  • New perspectives and increased profitability: What are the benefits of a diverse workforce?
  • Is the financial sector doing enough to encourage a diverse range of new talent and to guide them to the top of the ladder?
  • If things are moving in the right direction, how can this be accelerated and the momentum continued?

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