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Monday 7th June 2021 12:00pm to 5:45pm Add to my calendar

Reimagining Future Working Environments

With the new year ushering in hopes of mass-vacations, many businesses continue to reshape and iterate their future workplace strategy. While timelines remain uncertain, it is clear that physical spaces will no longer serve the same purpose. Businesses must make bold and informed decisions around their real estate and rethink how they use physical spaces. Many will need to leverage new design concepts and technologies to create productive, convenient and collaborative spaces.

How will the ‘workplace’ be redefined in the year ahead?

Why Attend?

Navigating the world of business in an uncertain and highly volatile world is tough. Surround yourself with the information, inspiration and people who are sharing their strategies for a world transformed by crisis.

Understand - Benefit from expert FT curation and moderation; getting to the heart of the issues facing businesses across the globe.

Connect - Participate in the conversation by joining our event community and networking with like-minded professionals facing similar challenges.

Learn - Hear from high-profile business leaders, not often featured at other forums, on their lessons learned from managing through the crisis.

What new innovative designs are emerging for the future use of office space?

How are other workplaces evolving?

What impact has the pandemic had on sustainability initiates in the workplace?

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