Den Of Decisions And Deadlines

ING, 8-10 Moorgate, London EC2R 6DA
Monday 14th October 2019 6:00pm to 9:00pm Add to my calendar
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There are never enough hours in the working day to complete our tasks, are there? So how do we prioritise what needs to be done first — and what do we do when another priority crashes in and wrecks your plan for the day?

This no-nonsense workshop will surprise you, test you, amuse you and give you a roller-coaster insight into an industry where missed deadlines simply aren’t allowed: TV News Production. Led by a BBC TV reporter with thirty years’ experience, you’ll debate news values in teams, make quick judgments, argue your case, deal with sudden change, and write quickly and succinctly … as the On Air Deadline approaches. You may even have a go reading off a moving television autocue!

Key take aways:

  • You’ll develop your confidence in speaking your mind to strangers, whilst listening to their points too
  • You’ll discover the techniques reporters use to focus on what’s relevant, and ditch what isn’t
  • You’ll enhance your written communication skills by turning dull facts into enticing headlines
  • You’ll experience drop-dead time pressure … and react in ways that may surprise you.

John Young is a BBC TV presenter who has distilled the energy of a working TV newsroom into a range of workshops that test resilience, change management, time management, writing skills, leadership and courage. They are his own product, not the BBC’s, but are based on 30 years’ on-going experience in the front line of daily news reporting at the organisation.

His clients include American Express, the English Rugby Football Union and Kent County Council. He has also delivered his workshops as a Guest Speaker to passengers on board P&O cruises and (as a professional member) the Professional Speaking Association.

John joined the BBC from Cambridge University as one of 12 news trainees in 1989. This provided him with two years’ training in BBC editorial standards, before choosing his own path as a TV and radio reporter and presenter in Southampton, Belfast, Truro, Newcastle, Bristol and Tunbridge Wells. In 2013, he set up his business, John Young Media, and continues to work on air two days a week for BBC South East and, when required, the BBC News Channel. He uses income from his professional clients to subsidise employability skills workshops for school pupils in underprivileged areas.


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