Challenge The Imposter Within

Tuesday 3rd November 2020 8:30am to 9:30am Add to my calendar
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​Aegon and WIBF were delighted to welcome Gemma Brown, Personal and Business Coach, for this session on ‘Imposter Syndrome’.

Valerie Young, expert author on the subject of imposter syndrome, says “The only way to stop feeling like an imposter is to stop thinking like an imposter.”

Feelings of being an ‘imposter’ surface for many of us, at any time. You can spot it in the language you use; ‘I’m going to get ‘found out’’, ‘I’m lucky to be here’, ‘It was the right place at the right time’, ‘I’m a fraud’.

At work, these beliefs can hold you back from having the confidence to make moves, step up, and take control of your own career.

Those who feel like imposters often work long hours, never quite satisfying themselves with their own standard of work as they try harder and harder to improve.

This interactive session includes:

Discover what imposter syndrome is and who has it

Identify times when your imposter syndrome arises

Discover ways to increase confidence and self-belief

Get tools to help you embrace your strengths

Develop ways to reframe negative self-talk

You can read responses from attendees in the attached document below.

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