Credit Suisse’s Women Connect initiative, led by Lisa London and Tanya Bhairo were the winners of the 2018 Team Diversity Award.
Women Connect - Credit Suisse
Women Connect - Credit Suisse
"We were both surprised and honoured to receive the award."

Women Connect are driving the diversity agenda by establishing a highly successful, cross-divisional network that focuses on professional development and career management.

We caught up with Tanya and Lisa to find out what they have been up to since winning the Team Diversity Award.

It has been two months since you won the WIBF Team Diversity Award, what have you been up to since then?

We have been very busy indeed! The program continues to expand, both globally with NY, Singapore, Poland, with Zurich in the pipeline, as well as extending to a wider group – the ‘AVP’ population within Credit Suisse

What positive outcomes have there been since winning the award?
We have complete backing from the Chief Operating Officer and have received encouragement from a wealth of Senior Managers to continue to roll out the initiative globally and across all divisions of the organisation.

What are your memories of the Awards Luncheon?
It was a really lovely affair, well organised, great buzz, great lunch – and the icing on the cake was that we were both surprised and honoured to receive the award. We both thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish.

Where do you keep your award?! Lisa has the award on the desk in her office.

What is next in store for Women Connect?
We shall be kept busy with the global expansion; liaising with other divisions and sharing information. We have a series of round table with speakers organised and will be continuing to update and feedback to senior management and sponsors within the firm and well as discussions on the direction of the programme.

What was your career paths to your current job?
We both have held multiple roles within Operations, leading teams across locations as well as working and living abroad with the firm/ We both now have leading functions within Operations globally.

Do you think there will ever be a time that women’s networks and awards are unnecessary?
Perhaps not in our lifetimes, but the amount of work and additional focus that has catapulted the ‘cause’ in the last few years has enabled issues to come to the forefront and gather momentum in terms of progress.