Valeriya Malenko is an eFX Trading Analyst at RBC Capital Markets, based in London. She joined WIBF in 2017 and has since enjoyed being part of the mutually beneficial network. Valeriya holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Cambridge. She talked to us about her experiences on the WIBF Mentoring programme.
Valeriya Malenko
Valeriya Malenko
"I absolutely recommend joining the WIBF mentoring scheme!"

How did you first get involved with WIBF?

I found out about WIBF from my colleagues at RBC Capital Markets. I thought that the WIBF organisation was a fantastic initiative as it offers its members great career development events as well as the opportunity to meet ambitious women who are pursuing a career in finance. I was keen to get involved and I became a member.

What made you decide to become a mentee?

As someone who was just starting her career, I felt that I would benefit greatly from advice and guidance of a senior professional outside of my immediate company. There were areas which I was just learning to navigate. It was almost by chance that I got an email from WIBF very soon after I became a member in which I was given a great opportunity to become a mentee.

Did you have any expectations about mentoring before you started and did they match the reality?

I did not have any expectations. I was very interested to learn about someone else’s experience, and I was keen to hear any advice and get general guidance. In reality, I couldn’t have been luckier as I met an incredible mentor and I am so grateful to her.

Can you tell us a bit about the first meeting with your mentor?

My mentor was very kind to reach out to me first. She was very friendly and offered to meet on a Friday after work for tea. When we met, she told me about her career path and asked me questions about my career so far. It was very interesting to learn about how her career developed and how she got to where she is today, and I was lucky that we ‘clicked’ from the start.

How has the relationship with your mentor developed?

My mentor and I met regularly. Every meeting, she taught me useful ideas about important topics such as work dynamics and effective communication. Many times, she was able to show me alternative perspectives which benefited me a lot. I found our meetings extremely helpful. Her invaluable advice has certainly made a long-term impact on my career.

Throughout the mentorship scheme, my mentor and I communicated primarily using the Werkin app. It benefited the process greatly as it was a dedicated revenue where we arranged our meet-ups and the app itself facilitated the process by sending you reminders to arrange the time of your meetings.

What have been the benefits of mentoring to you?

My mentor taught me to see better that people have different personalities and each one of them requires its own approach. For me, learning to appreciate this more was the biggest success.

Do you have any advice for someone considering mentoring with WIBF?

I absolutely recommend joining the WIBF mentoring scheme. It would be useful to you regardless of which stage of your career you are at as you can always benefit from advice of an experienced person.