WIBF Volunteer of The Month - February 2022
Tara Zutshi
Tara Zutshi

Tara is a founding member of the Birmingham board, initially joining us to lead the region’s Personal Excellence Programme and she now leads our regional engagement and membership growth.

Tara uses her unique set of skills as a Coach and mindfulness specialist to bring a much needed balance to our Birmingham activities. Furthermore, Tara consistently goes above and beyond in doing what’s right for our members both individual and institutional. In recent months, Tara has battled through addressing the needs of the members, such as local networking, whilst in the midst of predominantly virtual events, to source outside venues and amazing speakers.

Jennie Koo, Management Board Branch Representative and part of the Birmingham Board nominated Tara for this award and said “I am always taken aback by Tara’s energy and passion for Women in Banking & Finance, Tara is a true example of a selfless volunteer. Thank you Tara!