Tabetha is an Associate in the Global Credit Products business at Credit Suisse. As a Credit Salesperson, Tabetha is responsible for some of the team’s biggest clients due to her success when trusted with responsibility for her desk head’s clients during his sabbatical in her first year. She is now operating at a level far in advance of her three years’ of experience, demonstrated by her large client base, strong rankings and high revenue.
Tabetha Armstrong
Tabetha Armstrong
Credit Suisse

Embracing technology and challenging the way business is done, Tabetha has become the main liaison for technology initiatives within her wider group, notably partnering on a new system that achieved cost savings exceeding US$100k per annum. She was also named a top contributor in Credit Suisse’s campus recruitment efforts, helping to find and develop incoming talent. Tabetha co-founded a ’30 under 30’ event series to provide a platform to connect and inspire young professionals in the Credit market, with emphasis on improving female representation by hosting a flagship event where 33% of attendees were women.

Tabetha has been shortlisted for the 2019 Young Professional Award.

How does it feel to be nominated for our Young Professional Award?

I felt excited and humbled to be nominated for the Young Professional Award, particularly to be recognised so early on in my career at Credit Suisse. To then be shortlisted was a great surprise, especially when in the company of such inspiring and accomplished nominees, all very successful women.

You co-founded a ‘30 under 30’ event series, can you tell us more about that?

Alongside my colleague and co-founder Tamsin Weaver, we decided that an under 30’s event would be a great way to connect younger participants within the Credit market. The concept came about whilst discussing how we could best connect our peers of similar age and experience within our client base; aiming to strengthen networks and build long lasting relationships. The first under 30’s event was hugely successful hosting the head of Fintech Capital Markets at Credit Suisse which sparked a discussion on tech developments in the industry throughout the rest of the evening. We received lots of positive feedback and have several events in the pipeline for the second half of 2019!

Your nominator told us in your first team meeting you were the only woman in a room of 40 and also the youngest by five years, how did that make you feel, and did it have an impact on you?

Before that meeting I don’t think that I had fully realised the scale of gender inequality in the broader industry that still existed in certain areas. In the three years since then I am thankful that the number of brilliant women on my team has grown substantially and there are now more women than men in my immediate team! That experience will ensure that I will never take the improvements I’ve seen in diversity for granted.

How did you get into the banking and finance industry?

I decided to pursue a career in banking after attending a talk whilst at school from a senior woman in the industry. That was essential for me as I had no previous connections to finance through family or friends. This led me to research and try multiple spring insight programmes followed by the summer internship at Credit Suisse which was crucial in finding the right role for me. I recently discovered the Modern Muse program within Credit Suisse which seeks to inspire the next generation of female business leaders, while introducing them to career opportunities and I’m excited to help encourage female talent to join the industry.

When was a time you were out of your comfort zone and how did it ultimately help you?

The largest leap out of my comfort zone in my current role was during my first year; my manager trusted me to cover many of his most important clients for a sabbatical period. Just to be given that opportunity hugely developed my confidence and ultimately knowing that I could succeed with larger responsibility has shaped my ability since.

What are you reading at the moment and are you enjoying it?

I am currently guilty of being half way through so many books. 21 Lessons for the 21st Century by Yuval Noah Harari and Skin in the Game by Nassim Nicholas Taleb are just a couple that I would recommend (so far). The most recent book I have picked up is Gender Equality by Design by Iris Bohnet who gave an inspiring lecture in partnership with WIBF recently at Credit Suisse. Her application of behavioural economics to gender equality is incredibly fascinating. I found her discussion of counter stereotypes very powerful - something that awards like this can help with by challenging the status quo.