For Edinburgh member Sally McFall, WIBF has offered a first taste of board experience – bringing personal fulfilment and equipping her to offer better support and guidance to senior clients in her day job as director - Scotland at recruitment firm McFall Recruitment.
Sally McFall
Sally McFall
"throw yourself into it"

The power of word-of-mouth

Sally joined WIBF in 2014, having heard about the membership organisation from a client. She went along to a networking event in Edinburgh and was hooked. It was just two years after Sally, who was raised in England’s North West, had relocated to Edinburgh.

“The people at the event wanted to expand their network and they were focussed on their personal and professional development. But everything else about them was different and diverse – different ambitions, challenges and they were working in different workplace environments.” She describes it as informal but professional, with many chances to learn through formal offerings such as the personal excellence programme (PEP) events and one-to-one through mentoring.

“You can dip in and out or you can throw yourself into it. And I have definitely thrown myself into it,” she says.
Sally joined the Edinburgh board that same year to drive networking in the Scottish chapter. About a quarter of members in Scotland were in a mentoring partnership, a fact Sally is particularly delighted by. In 2015, her focus on the board shifted towards working more closely with corporate members, which meshes neatly with her day job.

Joining the board

A memorable time was attending an Enterprising Women event in London at corporate member Bloomberg. The panel event led Sally to question if she was really “walking the talk” of gender diversity in her role as a recruiter as well as on the WIBF Edinburgh board. “I went back and I looked at my own record and this year I have placed 50% male and 50% female in roles. This is in business IT and change, which is known as a male dominated area,” she says.
A leader in the business world as well as for WIBF, Sally believes role models are extremely important. She is fascinated by women’s careers, especially people who have progressed up the corporate ladder.

Belief in the possibility

“They don’t necessarily see that glass ceiling. It’s not about being a woman – it’s about being a talented individual in what you do. It is achievable and it can be done.” Sally’s hard work, determination and success since joining the WIBF is testament to that.