Rachel Joe, Corporate Strategy Team member. WIBF Volunteer of The Month - March 2022
Rachel Joe
Rachel Joe
WIBF Volunteer of The Month - March 2022

Nominated by Anna Lane, President & CEO and Alice Gaskell, Director of Strategy

Rachel first joined WIBF in 2019 to help redefine our mission and organisation as part of the strategy review. Rachel’s broad experience of strategy and D&I in her day job at TD Securities made her the ideal person for this role. Alice Gaskell, then the Director of Strategy, said “She is always ready to offer time and influence to help move the mountains that often stand in the way of new ideas and she has always been a creative, enthusiastic and insightful member of the team”.

More recently, Rachel has brought a passionate and personal perspective to her role as part of the corporate strategy team, working more closely with Anna Lane, President and CEO, who said when nominating Rachel for volunteer of the month, “as a strategic thinker she has been invaluable in bringing a strong commercial perspective to the WIBF projects she is involved in, most recently seeking innovative ways to support women to progress in the workplace through training, leveraging the ACT research project insights.”

“Rachel is a committed WIBF volunteer and a delight to work with, well done Rachel!”