Dr Andy Bass
Dr Andy Bass
Founder and principal of BassClusker Consulting

Andy is the founder and principal of BassClusker Consulting (bassclusker.com), and helps leaders to bring their goals to fruition more quickly and completely, wherever possible using resources they already have. He has worked with organizations including Aon, BUPA International, Deutsche Bank, DLA Piper and KPMG, in the UK, US and Asia.

Andy has been visiting faculty at Aston, Warwick and Strathclyde Business Schools. He is the author of The Performance Papers: Incisive Briefings for Busy Leaders, published by Bookshaker, and NetworkAbility: How To Build Your Business One Relationship at a Time, published by The Networkability Book Company. He is currently working on a book for leaders about innovation and culture for Pearson Business.

Should you be The Wizard or should you be Dorothy?

People often look outside for answers, but they can achieve more than they think by discovering hidden value in resources they have already. My experience coaching leaders has taught me that seeking this hidden value can bring big leaps forward. In this session, we’ll look at how you can tap into what already have in different ways to give you a strong growth direction for 2020.