Gen Y: Millennials in the Workplace Event, London, 30th April 2018
Donna Cadiente
Donna Cadiente
Associate Director, UBS

Donna works as a Project Manager in UBS & a former Management Consultant in Finance (moved from Credit Suisse and Accenture). She has led a variety of projects with large international scope, and always with strong cost management and value creation focus.

This career seems to be the ‘natural’ progression from her initial (numerous) aspirations at a young age to become a Scientist, International Spy, Personal Assistant and an Artist (*dependent on book she’s reading at that time). Having set her heart to studying Art in University, she was heavily encouraged to pursue a “serious subject” instead. Though she enjoyed the intellectual rigor of Law, she wanted to pursue a career that combines both analytical and execution aspect to ‘real-world’ problems and where the impact is immediately tangible – hence consulting/ PM.

In this culture of #YOLO and #FOMO, finding the right career choice is hard. As we meander through jobs, good or bad, it’s important to remember that no experience is a wasted experience and that there will always be lessons learned. She believes that what’s important is to choose a career that challenges you – therein lies your opportunity for personal growth & meaningful contribution.

Outside of work, Donna leads Community Affairs initiatives to Social Enterprises and disadvantaged communities and has an avid interest in all things ‘Entrepreneurship and Technology’.