David is the Chairman of the Institute of Directors, London Region; 6000+ business leaders. He is the Managing Director of Fortis Consulting London which helps organisations & individuals meet their objectives via knowledge input, skills development & ‘business-matching’. He has also found time to judge the 2019 WIBF Awards for Achievement.
David Stringer-Lamarre
David Stringer-Lamarre
"Don’t pull the ladder up that you climbed, but leave it there and assist others to climb it."

David is a strong proponent of the benefits of diversity of thought. David holds several degrees including Law and an MBA.

He has kindly agreed to be part of the judging team for this year’s WIBF Awards for Achievement.

How did you first get involved with WIBF? Do you have any favourite events you have attended?

I first came across WIBF at an event in the City where I was speaking about the importance and impact of ‘diversity of thought’. I was introduced to several WIBF members and as the widening engagement and upskilling agendas overlapped with my interests our ‘association’ began. I very much enjoyed the Awards Alumni Dinner last year as it was a great opportunity to engage with so many talented individuals and hear their thoughts.

What will you be looking for when you judge the candidates?

Achievement, engagement with others and ‘helping upwards’. I think the WIBF award winners are special. I will be looking for people who have performed strongly in their roles and have truly engaged with other people to make a difference. At WIBF events the concept of helping others to move upwards has always impressed me. Don’t pull the ladder up that you climbed, but leave it there and assist others to climb it. I will be looking for this.

Why do you think awards for women are so important?

Recognising the achievements of women helps to raise general awareness of women’s contribution to organisational performance and the topic of inclusion. As well as providing role models for other women, awards shine a light on the often glaring under representation of women in certain sectors e.g. fund management and fintech. One day awards for women may be less important, but not yet.

What advice do you have for men who wish to actively support diversity and drive change?

Get involved! Diversity and inclusion should be central themes in any organisation. I would suggest an open mind, connect with groups that you are perhaps unfamiliar with, don’t be afraid of not being in the majority and enquire how people can work together to make positive change happen.

You’ve achieved a lot in your career as well as fit in several degrees, do you have any ambitions or goals left?

I still feel in some ways that I am at the start of my journey. I regularly meet people with new ideas and different ways of looking at the world, including many who are WIBF members! I would like to further develop my work within cross-border deal matching, continue to promote London as a global business city and drive up the understanding of the benefits of diversity of thought. One specific ambition is to study for a Phd in the science and ‘art’ of business development strategies used by professional service firms!

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